6 Hr. Defensive Driving Class

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This DMV-Approved Defensive Driving Course is an excellent way for experienced drivers to earn a discount on their automobile insurance, reduce points on their license, and improve their skills at accident prevention.

The 6 Hr. Point/Insurance Reduction - Defensive Driving class allows the attendee to have up to 4 points reduced from the total points on their license and if you are the principle operator of a vehicle, reduce your vehicle insurance premiums by 10% per year for the next 3 years.

Point Reduction Benefit

It is important to understand that in New York State, if a driver accumulates 11 points within an 18 month period, he or she will need to go to a DMV hearing and will have his or her license taken away. Attending our Defensive Driving Class will help prevent this from happening by reducing your net total points on your driving record.

This is how the process works: If a driver breaks the law (e.g. speeding, running a red light, etc.) and gets a ticket, the driving violation and the points associated with that ticket are entered on the person's driving record. NOTE: The points associated with the ticket are as of the date you were given the ticket, not the court date.

If you take our Defensive Driving Class, up to 4 points that you have received within the last 18 months will be reduced from your total points. It is important to note that the original driving infraction (e.g. speeding, running a red light, etc.) and the original points given to you by a judge stays on your driving record.


Assume that within the last 18 months you have a number of tickets and your driving record shows you have a total of 11 points. (Remember, if you reach 11 points, you lose your license.) However, if you take our defensive driving course, up to 4 points will be reduced from your driving record total. Therefore, your net total will be 7 points. If you did not take our course, you would have hit 11 points and would have to go to a DMV hearing and would end up losing your license.

Insurance Reduction Benefit

Reduce up to 10% on your insurance premium each year, for the next 3 years on all vehicles ( e.g. automobile, truck, motorcycle, SUV, etc.) that you are the principle driver. This discount is not optional. Every insurance company in New York State has to honor our course and give you the 10% discount on your collision, liability and PIP [Personal Injury Protection] insurance premiums each year for the next 3 years. This discount is in addition to most other insurance discounts you are getting now.